Viajes Colibrí

License ICT 286.

We are a tour operator with more than 20 years of experience organizing personalized tours for national and foreign tourists.

San Carlos is a mandatory tourist destination for any traveler and You can experience it with Viajes Colibrí.

Surrounded by an exuberant beauty between rivers and mountains, in  San Carlos you can enjoy adventure tours such as rafting, canopy,, visit volcanoes, blue waterfalls, lakes, suspension bridges, hikes either during the day or at  night or simply enjoy and relax at our one of our several local hot Springs.


Rosibel Herrera B.

General Manager.

Rosie Herrera graduated in administration of Tourism Enterprises in San Jose. She is fluent in English, French and Italian.  She is the owner of the company and has helped organized customized trips to very happy customers for over 23 years all over Costa Rica.  Viajes Colibri moved its offices to the Museum of the Oxcart Driver several months ago with the idea of impulsing this wonderful project and help you the growth of her community by bringing more tourist to her charming town.

Rosie with the sponsorship of Viajes Colibri started a volunteer program over a year ago to make Venecia, her home town an even more beautiful little town.  She gathered local artist from all over town and with their help have created fun murals that are making Venecia stand up as an artsy and cultural center. In conjuction with the goals of  the local Oxcart Driver Museum to preserve our traditions, Viajes Colibri is seeking to also incourage the arts, music and folcklor of this small town through festivals that take place at the Museum every month.

Lloyd Martínez

Tour Coordinator and Master biology guide.

Lloyd our master naturalist guide with more than 30 years of experience. He has deep knowledge and understanding of Costa Rican Natural diversity that will inspire you.  Recent customers could not have said it better: “The asset that makes this trip to Costa Rica a premier trip is our guide, driver and friend, Lloyd Matinez. He has degrees in biology and tourism. He is an expert botanist and ornithologist with 30+ years of experience giving tours of his country. He has shown us an appreciation for this country with it’s geography and history.

The special part is our road trips where a rare sighting of a bird or animal has us stopping on the road and piling out of the van where he sets up a telescope for us to get a view. On the trails we go slow because he stops us every hundred feet or so to patiently point out a bird, snake, bug, tree or native plant that we would have overlooked. We have learned so much! He has delighted the birders on our trip and helped them add over hundred new birds to their lists.

Our congenial and physically fit band of travelers has had a lot of fun here and he’s been able to keep up with Lloyd.”  Jan and Jim Hughes, College Station Texas.

Arnulfo Brenes

Bilingual Naturalist guide and driver.

Arnie is a great asset to Viajes Colibri. He is friendly, kind and very passionate on his field. He understand Costa Rican natural history and will make a point to stop along the way to show an animal, tree or bird.   Arnie has 2 kids and as well as our other guides he is very patient and loving with kids.  He has been in the Tourism industry for 30 years and loves every bit of it.
Arnie is an excellent driver. Your rides with him will be a relaxing and learning experience. You will be happy to have chosen him or any of our guides for your stress free transportation and guiding